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New Construction Helical Piers

New Construction Helical Piers are used in the construction of new home footings, deck support, home additions as well as any structure that doesn’t have suitable soil to support the structure.  A helical pier is screwed in the ground to the proper torque and a new construction top plate is installed on top of all helical piers installed to ensure a strong foundation.

Helical Pier with Under Pinning Bracket

The Helical Pier concept is founded on a principle of turning a screw anchor (Helical) into stable subsoil until the torque applied indicates the necessary load has been achieved.  Then an adjustable bracket is attached to the base of the foundation connecting the helical together with the foundation, at this point the weight of the residential or commercial structure is shifted to the helical prohibiting the structure from shifting.

Tie Backs & Wall Anchors

Helicals can be used to restrain movement in foundation walls, retaining walls etc…  Through a hole drilled in the wall of the structure and rod threads in the helical which is installed into the soil bank.  A retainer plate and nut secure the rod inside the structures wall.  This is one method used to stabilize or often straighten failing walls.

Helical Slab Piers

Helical Slab Piers are used to stabilize damaged or uneven floors such as sinking garages, slabs & patios.

Auger or Drill Piers

Auger or Drill Piers are holes drilled into the ground to a sufficient depth creating a hole to allow for concrete to support new construction footings as well as support deck, patio, garage, slabs and sidewalks etc...

Underpinning Resistance Piers

The Underpinning Resistance Pier is used for existing foundations the support bracket is filled to the foundation and a galvanized steel pipe is pushed into the ground to a sufficient load bearing soil typically bedrock.  Once the pier reaches sufficient soils the structure can be stabilized by using the weight of the structure. 

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