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Foundation Pier Support Systems & Repair

Headquartered in Dawsonville, GA, Big Dog Piers proudly administers engineered foundation pier support and repair solutions across the Southeastern United States. With our capability, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Foundation Construction Made Easy

Piers, tiebacks, and augers are essential when building sturdy structures that can last for generations. However, these can be challenging to install and require extensive training to master. For pier installation services and new construction assistance, you can count on the team of Big Dog Piers.

Remodeling Demo

For a remodeling project, the contractor was asked to demo a footing where a helical pier had been installed. To remove the helical pier, over 60,000 lbs. of force combined with many labor-intensive work hours were applied to the Big Dog Top Plate to successfully extract the helical pier. Both the contractor and the client were extremely pleased with our foundation piers at Big Dog Piers.

New Construction Helical Piers

New construction helical piers are used to construct new home footings, deck support, home additions, and any structure that doesn’t have suitable soil to support the structure. A helical pier is screwed in the ground to the proper torque, and a new construction top plate is installed on top of all helical piers installed to ensure a strong foundation.

Helical Pier with Underpinning Bracket

The helical pier concept is founded on the principle of turning a screw anchor (helical) into stable subsoil until the torque applied indicates the necessary load has been achieved. Then an adjustable bracket is attached to the foundation's base connecting the helical with the foundation. At this point, the residential or commercial structure's weight is shifted to the spiral, prohibiting the structure from shifting.

Tiebacks & Wall Anchors

Helical piers can be used to restrain movement in foundation walls, retaining walls, and other structures. This is done through a hole drilled in the structure's wall, and rod threads in the helical are installed into the soil bank. A retainer plate and nut secure the rod inside the structures’ wall. This is one method used to stabilize or often straighten collapsing walls.

Helical Slab Piers

Helical slab piers stabilize damaged or uneven floors such as sinking garages, slabs, and patios.

Auger or Drill Piers

Auger or Drill Piers are holes drilled into the ground to a sufficient depth creating a hole to allow for the concrete to support new construction footings and support deck, patio, garage, slabs, and sidewalks.

What is an Auger/Drill Pier?

It is a drilled hole constructed by placing fluid concrete in to support the foundation of a structure. Depending on the engineered parameters, steel can be installed in the excavation, if desired, before placing concrete. We can install Auger/Drill Piers from 12”-48” wide.

Auger/Drill Piers not only apply to support foundations but can also be used for:

  • Garages

  • Light poles

  • Parking lots

  • Patio

  • Power poles

  • Sidewalks

  • Signs

  • Slabs

  • Support decks

  • Windmills

  • And more

Big Dog Piers
Big Dog Piers

Construction Consultation

Building a house, renovating a business establishment, or reinforcing concrete structures does not come cheap. Make sure you get the best value for your money by hiring the experts at Big Dog Piers. To inquire about our construction services or to schedule an onsite consultation with a recommended engineer and our foundation pier experts, give us a call or send us an email.

Dependable Construction Services

When you have a pier construction project to accomplish, for residential and commercial projects, turn to a contractor that understands the urgency while on a job site and will expedite all of your projects with efficiency, quality, and readiness. Let Big Dog Piers in Dawsonville, GA assist you. We bring more than 17 years of foundation pier experience and over 50 years of onsite construction background and expertise.

Residential Foundation Pier

Whether you’re an individual home builder or a residential contractor, Big Dog Piers provides exceptional helical pier support and repair solutions for any residential and new construction needs.

Construction Services

  • Drill pier installation

  • Foundation underpinning

  • Helical pier installation

  • Resistant pier installation

  • Soil nailing

  • Tiebacks

Commercial Foundation Pier

At Big Dog Piers, we are equipped for any commercial contracting project and size. We offer excellent helical pier support and repair options for an array of commercial construction jobs.

Foundation Products

  • Auger / Drill piers

  • Helical piers with underpinning bracket

  • Helical slab piers

  • Helical tiebacks

  • New construction helical piers

  • Resistance pier

  • Construction services

  • Drill pier installation

  • Foundation underpinning

  • Helical pier installation

  • Resistant pier installation

  • Soil nailing

  • Tiebacks

Big Dog Piers